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Welcome to The Defenders of the North

PostPosted: Fri Jun 03, 2011 1:03 pm
by Elenora
Welcome to The Defenders of The North website. We are a close-knit, mature, casual raiding kinship with a relaxed attitude to gaming. We organise various runs including end-game raids and creep nights and make a great effort to support our kin members.

If you would like to become a member of our kin, please contact one of the officers within the kinship. The best way to reach an officer is to use the ingame tool of identifying members of a kinship by typing:

/who defenders of the north (remember to change the search filter to allow level 65 characters)

in the game's command line, this will give you a list of those members online atm, contact one of these people and they can direct you to the officer(s) online.

For new kin members

If you have recently joined our kin, a very warm welcome to you! I am sure you will enjoy your time with DOTN. Please ensure that you join the forums as all of the runs are organised through the event calendar and there is a lot of interesting information about.

How to create an account:

When you want to create an account for the website, you MUST use your main characters name as username. If you create an account with a username that does not match a user with "Main" as their playernote in the in-game kinship social panel your account will not be be approved. This is a security measure in order to make sure the members on the site will be able to identify each other on the site as well as in the game.

The answer to the security question will be provided in-game in your welcome e-mail, alternatively just ask kin members online.

Security Note: Please do not use the same password on this website as for your game account - this is for your own protection!

Looking forward to see you in game

~ Elenora :arwen: